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When you were a kid and your Dad needed to rent something, he probably flipped through the yellow pages and called around to the rental stores in the area to see if they had what he needed. If they were busy on the phone they would just tell him 'Yes, we have that.' Occasionally they were wrong and after Dad drove half an hour to get the tool he needed to finish the project your Mom had been hounding him about for weeks, there would be quite a discussion between him and the man at the counter. 

Some things in the rental industry have come a long way since then, some have not. You still can't get many highly specialized items form your local store, and due to internal accounting rules and problems with sharing inventory between local branches, even the giant rental companies are not able to offer many of the tools and equipment you need to do your job. 

Rental Tools Online was founded in 2008 to go where the others would not. If your job site is across town or across the country, we ship the tools directly to you. They do not need to be transferred from branch to branch, region to region, in order to get to you. There is also no more trying to schedule a delivery around the couple of drivers working out of your local branch. We use UPS and FedEx for our package and freight deliveries. That means we have literally thousands of drivers all across the country, backed by huge networks and state-of-the-art processes to get your items delivered to you on almost any day you want. Returning your items is easy too. Each rental comes with pre-paid return labels. When you are done, replace the original shipping label with the included return label and either drop off your package at any location that accepts either UPS or FedEx packages, or call the carrier for a pick-up. 

Sunk your boat? Try getting two, or twenty, or one hundred thousand pounds of lift bag capacity from your local rental store. How about asking them for an 88" pipe plug! Good luck with that.

Maybe you want to purchase a tool instead, or a premium core bit or diamond blade. Ever get the feeling you were not getting the best price from your local rental store? Of course you did. We want your business whether you want to rent or buy and we have amazing prices on all the tools, accessories, and diamond bits and blades we offer. 

Please have a look around our store and let us know how we can help you get your job done.

Our mission is to help business of all sizes. We have brought together decades of expertise in rental, aviation, fire & rescue, and hazardous location operations to provide industry with a partner that will enable them to accomplish things they could not on their own. Our global reach ensures your jobsite is always accessible. Please use the following to contact us: 
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