Magnetic Drills

Magnetic Drills

Electric, Pneumatic and Hydraulic Drills, Annular Cutters and Accessories

Fast, accurate hole cutting on the job site or in the shop!
Designed for continuous operation, CS Unitec's portable magnetic drills are ideal for drilling structural steel and virtually any metal. The most compact and powerful series of portable magnetic drills for holes up to 5" diameter. All CS Unitec drills are heavy-duty for use in construction and industry. Their complete product line includes electric, pneumatic and hydraulic drills, and custom-engineered drilling machines are also available. They are available for prompt delivery.

CS Unitec is the industry leader in:
  • Power-to-weight ratios
  • Strongest clamping force high-density (HD) dual-coil magnets
  • Magnetic drills for tapping
  • Annular Cutters: TiAlN, HSS, cobalt steel and carbide-tipped

CS Unitec drills have unique features:
  • Variable-speed, multiple-geared models
  • Electric, pneumatic and hydraulic power
  • Reversible motors for tapping and machining
  • Swivel base stand for hard-to-reach areas
  • Battery-operated for on-site cordless drilling
  • Rugged construction and sophisticated functionality: Intuitive magnets, ergonomic controls and simple operation for superior cuts
  • Overheating protection with CoolMag™ Electromagnets
  • Active safety features, including the SafeMag™ System with Electronic Safety Shutoff Sensor
  • Integrated cable routing on MAB Series drills

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