Underwater Tools: Marine Salvage and Construction Equipment for Rent or Purchase

Governments, Shipyards, Commercial Divers, Marine Salvage Operators, Marina Owners, Civil Engineers, and Boaters have all come to rely on Rental Tools Online.

For over a decade we have served them all with the equipment they need for big and small jobs, no matter how complex their needs. If it's in the water and you need to lift it, cut it, drill it, inspect it, search it, or build it, we probably have what you need.

Our underwater equipment has the toughest industrial quality for one of the most difficult environments. We not only offer great rates on our rentals but also have unbeatable prices on brand new equipment for purchase, from underwater air tools to remotely operated vehicles. Please have a look around and give us a call if you don't see what you need.

Rental Tools Online | Underwater Hydraulic Tools

Underwater Hydraulic Tools

When maximum power is needed for your job, no other underwater tool can surpass industrial strength hydraulic power. We have a vast selection of underwater hydraulic tools for nearly every conceivable purpose. We also sell hydraulic power units to drive them. These underwater hydraulic tools are powerful and reliable to get any job done. Contact us for a quote before you bid on your next job.

Rental Tools Online | Underwater Lift Bags

Underwater Lift Bags


Rental Tools Online offers Underwater Lift Bags from the world's best manufacturers; Joint Zone and Subsalve. Check out each the specifics of each bag to determine which one is right for your job. Call our knowledgeable staff with any questions.

Rental Tools Online | Pneumatic Underwater Tools

Underwater Pneumatic Tools

These tools are easy to operate and are great for use in environmentally sensitive areas. Driven by compressed air, they are lightweight and versatile. Our underwater pneumatic tools cover the whole range of functions; concrete and wood cutting chain saws, hammer drills, wood boring drills, and impact wrenches among others. These are all available for purchase at the best prices anywhere.

Rental Tools Online | Underwater Metal Detectors

Underwater Metal Detectors


Rental Tools Online is pleased to offer these metal detectors for commercial, law enforcement, search and rescue, and prospecting applications. They are also great for finding that watch or ring you dropped while on vacation!

Rental Tools Online | Underwater Cordless Tools

Underwater Cordless Tools


The World's First Cordless Underwater Tools! Rental Tools Online is miles ahead of any other supplier. We are a leading dealer of Nemo Power Tools. These ingenious cordless underwater tools are tough and powerful. They can operate at depths of up to 50 meters and you can change the batteries without having to surface. Don't be the last one on your crew to have one of these amazing tools.

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